“One word sums up Marvin Gay, What’s Goin’ On. MARVELOUS!” -Tony Infantino: Morning Radio Host for WRMM radio 101.3

“I knew when I saw the videos that the show was going to be amazing, but when you see it live, it’s 10 times better! I would recommend this show to any venue who want to have buzz in their community for weeks afterwards. I’ve had many shows over the years, but this is the first and only show I’ve ever had where people were literally dancing in the aisles during the entire performance! It was incredible!” -Emily West, Director, The Historic State Theater

“I absolutely loved the show put on by RnB Classics Live! I loved how the instruments and their great voices complimented each other. Considering I am younger than the times of Marvin Gaye, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of songs they performed that I knew and loved! I highly recommend this show!” -Lindsay Merritt of the Democrat and Chronicle Media Group

“I just attended the Rochester show at Hochstein and it was utterly phenomenal. I’m surprised you don’t have CDs for sale. I want one!!!!” -Julianne Earl

“I absolutely loved the show! The song selection, arrangements and reproductions were fantastic! The singers have incredible voices and where did you ever find someone that sounded so much like Marvin! The show started off a little stiff but after everyone relaxed a bit, it really got fun. While the band did a great job, the brass and woodwinds need to smile or go off stage when they are not playing as they give off a vibe like ‘why am I hear’. I was in the front row and when we all got up and danced, I was trying to encourage them to get up as well. Not sure if they saw me but they are part of the show too and should be.
I wish you huge success with the show as it really has the recipe for success. Thank you for a great night out with my wife and can’t wait to see you again!” -Dan Santandrea

“Thank you so much for continuing to bring this phenomenal concert to us. We went to the very first performance at Kilbourn Hall and now to Hochstein on Friday night. I am truly sorry that we did not do more in between. I see that you replaced one of the male singers and we liked the new guy even more. Best $50 my husband and I have spent. I keep telling my friends to put this concert on their “must see” list. All of the singers/musicians are simply amazing.” -Joanne Chada

“FABULOUS SHOWS! What great energy especially on Saturday!! “Gotta Get A Witness” was at it’s finest with Ric, Bree, Chelse and Harold really working the stage……WOW! I was sorry to see the night end.” -Carol Field

“Loved the show at Proctors! Tell Harold he and the gang they can come back any time” -Don Tosti

“We just came from the Proctor’s show tonight and had a blast. For the first half of the show we wished the singers would talk or comment between each song and be a part of us. After the intermission, we were so glad that they did loosen up and feel the audience’s support and enthusiasm, and talk with us. Wow! Everyone was phenomenal—the voices were especially amazing!!! Great show and glad you came.” -Wendy Liebl

“My wife and I attended your concert in Schenectady several months ago. This show was beyond fantastic. We have been waiting for you to announce your next concert appearance. We are so anxious to see this show again! GREAT SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!” -Don Bates